Directions to The Teacher Education Center

Generally approaching from the North on I-95

Take I-95 southbound until you reach the Airport Expressway (FL 112). Proceed West on Airport Expressway 112 until you see Northwest 36th Street. Exit on Northwest 36th Street. This is the second exit after passing the 27th Avenue exit. Once you exit onto Northwest 36th Street, travel 5 traffic signals to East Drive. At East Drive, make a right, go two blocks to LaBaron Drive and TEC is located on the Northwest corner.

Generally Approaching from the North on the Turnpike

Take the Turnpike South to the point where one has the option to take I-95 or the Homestead Extension. If you choose to take I-95 South, then follow the directions above. If choosing the Homestead Extension, exit at Northwest 41st Street East, and continue East (this street turns into Northwest 36th Street) to Northwest 36th Street. After you pass under the Palmetto Expressway, continue East for about 2 or 3 miles or about 10 traffic signals to East Drive. At East Drive make a left, come down two blocks to LeBaron Drive and TEC is located on the lefthand corner.

Generally approaching from the South (Homestead, Kendall, etc...)

Take the Turnpike North to SR874, take SR874 to the Palmetto Expressway (SR826) North then exit on Northwest 36th Street East. Continue East on Northwest 36th Street for about 2 to 3 miles or about 10 traffic signals to East Drive. At East Drive make a left, come down two blocks to LeBaron Drive and TEC is located on the lefthand corner. If you are coming from West Kendall, take the turnpike North to SR836 Expressway East, then to the Palmetto Expressway North,(SR 826) then follow the directions beginning from the Palmetto Expressway North.

Generally approaching on Lejeune Road from the South

Take Lejeune Road North to South Royal Poinciana (South Royal Poinciana is the next traffic signal just after passing Northwest 36th Street). At South Royal Poinciana make a left. Go to the first corner and make a left. Make an immediate right at Oakwood Drive. Continue West on Oakwood Drive to East Drive. At East Drive make a left, come down two blocks to LeBaron Drive and TEC is located on the lefthand corner.





Miami-Dade Teacher Education Center
1080 LaBaron Drive
Miami Springs, FL












Frequently Asked Questions . . . About TEC

How can I find out about professional development opportunities offered through TEC?
TEC's communications network relies upon TEC Leaders, one at each school site. TEC Leaders, also known as TEC Reps, are teachers elected to serve as the liaison persons in the communications process. They disseminate inservice information from TEC to their peers and report the inservice needs of the faculty at their respective school to the TEC. Course offerings are advertised through the distribution of the TEC calendar which is distributed three times annually, flyers for special events and Internet.

What are the registration procedures for TEC courses?
The TEC Calendar is mailed directly to each individual teacher with registration forms included. The registration deadline is one week before the starting date of the course. Written confirmation of registration will be sent. If written confirmation is not received before the course starting date, please call TEC at (305)887-2002 and speak with the registrar. Proper completion of the registration form also assists TEC in notifying registrants of course changes.

Who is eligible to take TEC courses?
TEC courses are primarily offered for M-DCPS teachers holding a Florida Educator's Certificate. Other members of the education community are welcome to attend on a space-available basis; this includes new teachers, paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, non-instructional personnel and others. However, Master Plan Points can be earned only by individuals who hold a Florida Professional Educator's Certificate.

Whom can I contact for additional information about TEC?
The TEC Leader provides much information about TEC programs. In addition,TEC has one TEC/Region Trainer housed in each of the six region offices to assist instructional personnel in the region. Finally, at TEC there are additional personnel who will answer questions and provide support in the professional development and recertification process. For information, contact TEC at (305)887-2002.

How can I utilize TEC courses to renew my teaching certificate?
Each TEC inservice affords participants the opportunity to earn Master Plan Points (MPP's) upon successful completion of the course requirements. In general, the number of MPP's earned is determined by the number of contact hours spent with the instructor and the number of independent hours involved in each inservice. A total of 120 MPP's is required to renew a Professional Certificate.

What are the procedures for renewing a professional certificate?
Teachers who renew with MPP's or a combination of MPP's and college credit should submit an application for renewal to TEC. An application can be obtained from a TEC Leader or the TEC office. A check or money order for $56.00, payable to Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and official transcripts from the college or university if utilizing college credit for renewal should be included with the completed notarized application.

How can I obtain a copy of my TEC inservice record?
Every school has the capability to retrieve inservice records. This is done by accessing the SDES screen on the computer. Please ask your school secretary or contact the TEC office for assistance. An explanatory memorandum is available from TEC upon request.

After I complete a TEC course, how long does it take for the MPP's to be posted on my inservice record?
It takes approximately four to six weeks for the course instructor to complete the grading process and turn the paperwork in to TEC, and for TEC to encode the MPP's on the inservice records of all participants.

What should I do if an inservice course appears to be missing from my record?
The TEC Leader can provide a missing course form. The completed form should be sent to the TEC Registrar at #9715.

What can I do to ensure that all my TEC courses are posted on my inservice record?


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