Reciprocal Teaching

Model Lesson Plan


The following materials will be needed for this lesson:


  1. Distribute copies of selected story or passage to students and read the first part aloud to the students.
  2. Pause and ask students the following questions that illustrate the Reciprocal Teaching strategies:

    What does _______ mean?
    What is a ______?

    What image comes to your mind as you hear this passage being read? (Note: You may want to have the students read and highlight the first time, and then close their eyes and try to visualize as you read to them the second time.)
    Ask the students to tell which words or phrases helped them "see" the passage.

    Who or what is this lesson about?
    What do we know about ________?
    What are the clues that tell us ________?

    What is the main idea of this passage?
    What is it mostly about?
    What information in this passage tells you that?

    What do you think the next part will be about?

  3. Read the next part of the story or passage aloud . Pause and repeat the above procedure. Continue until the students understand the Reciprocal Teaching process.
  4. After reading several passages, move the process of Reciprocal Teaching from teacher-directed to student-directed.
  5. Choose five students to be the Teacher/Leaders for the next level of Reciprocal Teaching. Divide the remaining story or passage into five logical parts. Give each Teacher/Leader a script and let each read over his/her part of the lesson before beginning to "teach" the class.
  6. Pass out the Student Task Cards to the others in the class. Make sure that every student receives one. Number each task card to correspond to the teacher-leader numbers. Students may be partners if there are not enough cards. If there are too many cards, give some students more than one card.
  7. Remind the students that they may consult their bookmarks at any time for the Reciprocal Teaching strategies or question stems.
  8. Read the title of the passage to the students. Ask the student with Predicting Card #1 to predict what the passage will be about.
  9. Call on Teacher/Leader #1 to begin the lesson following Student Script for Teacher/Leader #1. Each Teacher/Leader will read his/her part of the text and the students with the corresponding cards will respond to the questions.

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