Reciprocal Teaching

Group Worksheet

Use the Reciprocal Teaching Bookmark to help you complete this sheet. The questions may be answered in any order as you read, but your group must fill in each section.

List names of students in the group.

________________________ _______________________ _______________________

___________________ _____________________ ________________________

Write one or two sentences that predict what the rest of the passage or poem will be about.

Visualizing:Picture in Your Mind
After you have finished reading, draw a picture of what this passage or poem makes you see in your imagination. You may draw it on this paper or on another sheet of paper that the teacher will give you.

Write down any words, phrases, or ideas that you do not understand.

Questioning: Teacher-like Questions
Pretend that you are the teacher and you are going to give a test about what you have just read. Using the back of your bookmark as a guide, write three ‘teacher-like" questions about the passage.




Complete this summary sentence about the passage that you read.

The passage about_____________________ begins with____________________, discusses (or develops) the idea that _________________,and ends with _________________________.