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Personnel Services Guide
Miami-Dade County Public Schools
2002 - 2003

About Your Salary

How is my salary determined?
Salary is determined by number of years experience and degrees earned. Salaries are adjudicated and paid in accordance with the salary schedules found in the Contract Between M-DCPS/UTD.

It is possible for instructional personnel to receive credit for prior teaching experience that was public or private, in-state or out-of-state. To be acceptable, the teaching experience must reflect at least 160 work days in each school year or 99 days if in a public school in Florida. Private school teachers must have held the appropriate state certification. Each full school year of service as a full-time teacher in another Florida district is also creditable.

How and when am I paid?
Salary payments for 10 month employees begin after the start of the school year and are made on a bi-weekly basis on Friday throughout the year. Most paychecks cover 10 working days at a daily rate determined by dividing the annual salary plus supplements that are paid throughout the year by the number of working days in the contract period. For example, a first year teacher with an annual salary of $30,000 would have a daily rate of $138.25 based on 217 days in a 10 month period.

Ten month contract teachers (except permanent substitutes) have the option of receiving payment of salary over a 10 month or a 12 month period. Each teacher has the opportunity to elect either option each year, but must indicate preference by December 1 of each year. The South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union also offers a deferred salary plan. Pay checks are delivered to the school site or work location; however, all employees have the benefit of direct deposit. Members of the South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union and wish to sign up for direct deposit, call (305)270-5245. Teachers who bank with another financial institution and wish to sign up for direct deposit should call Deduction Control at (305)995-1655.

What should I do if I think my salary or my paycheck is incorrect?
If there is an error, contact Office of Wage and Salary at (305)995-7040. Upon request, forms for this purpose will be sent by Wage and Salary to the work location.

Am I paid for sick days and holidays?
Full-time instructional personnel receive one day of sick leave per month of employment; consequently, a full-time teacher on a 10 month contract receives 10 days of sick leave per contract year. Each full-time teacher is credited four days of sick leave on the first day of employment and accumulates one day of sick leave for each month of employment until the number of days accrued equals the months of employment in the year of employment. Sick leave may not be used prior to the time it is earned.

Full-time instructional personnel may use up to a maximum of six days as personal leave with pay per year provided that the employee has accrued six or more days of sick leave. Personal leave is non-cumulative and is charged against the employee's accrued days of sick leave. Along with sick and personal leave, full-time instructional personnel on a 10 month contract are paid for six legal holidays per year. More specific information regarding the paid legal holidays and recess days can be found on the yearly school calendar or in the Contract Between M-DCPS/UTD. Full-time instructional personnel employed on a twelve month basis shall accrue annual vacation leave as outlined in the Contract Between M-DCPS/UTD.

If I don't use my sick leave days, will I lose the unused days?
Sick leave is accrued and cumulative from year to year. However, to encourage good health and attendance, the School Board offers a good attendance incentive that allows all instructional personnel who accrue sick leave to cash in sick leave days accrued each year provided that the employee has used no more than a total of three sick/personal leave days during the school year and that the employee has a minimum of 21 sick leave days available after the cash-in of sick leave days. The sick leave days cashed in are paid at 80% of the employee's daily rate of pay for the school year in which the days were accrued.

What are "opt" days?

Opt days give full-time instructional personnel the opportunity to select an alternative planning day/work year schedule. Teachers new to M-DCPS may opt to work one or two days, June 17 and June 18, 2002 or during winter or spring recess, with the consent of the principal, in lieu of any one or two of the following days: September 16, October 18, 2002, January 24, 2003*, or March 28, 2003. November 1, 2002, is a scheduled Professional Development Day and is not available to opt.

* January 24, 2003, is the New Teacher Orientation makeup day and can only be used as an opt day by new teachers who attended the New Teacher Orientation in August.

Are there ways to earn additional compensation?
Salary supplements are paid for specific responsibilities that involve time beyond the normal workday or assigned duties that are beyond the normal scope of employment. All supplements are assigned and approved annually by the principal and/or work site supervisor. Principals may select qualified employees to receive supplements from a pool of interested applicants within the school who have been given written/posted notice that such positions are available. The maximum number of supplements any one employee may receive is three.