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In order to have an effective Employee Assistance Program, it is critical that confidentiality be maintained.  Therefore, participants in the program should be confident that the Employee Assistance Program information will be maintained in strict accordance with statutory and contractual protection against unauthorized access.

  1. All records of employee involvement in the Employee Assistance Program will be guarded in the strictest confidential manner permitted by law.

  2. Records concerning alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health or medical problems, come under the jurisdiction of School Board Rules, state statutes, and federal law.   All provisions of these acts will be met by the Employee Assistance Program regarding record compilation, release of information, and record retention. 

  3. Referral agencies used as resource or treatment centers for employees, shall not release records without written authorization of the employee concerned.  Such records will be handled in the same confidential manner as other medical and hospital records are handled. 

  4. The Employee Assistance Program will be operated in a manner to insure the appropriate confidentiality of persons who refer themselves to the program, or those who are referred by supervisory personnel.

  5. Confidentiality is maintained unless prohibited by law,  e.g.,  a person is a danger to self or others, or involved with child abuse.

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